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Family Hotel with animation in Lido di Savio

Every day there are many activities for children

Our fantastic team of animators offers a programme suitable for all age groups, with such enjoyable activities that your little ones will never want to go home again! Find out what awaits them at the Color Palace Lido Family Village.
In every room, upon request, you can always find the following:
  • Night-Light
  • Bottle warmer
  • Baby bathtub for a bath
  • Camp bed
  • Milk for the night
In the Kitchen for Mothers, you can take full advantage of flexible scheduling when preparing baby food. In this kitchen nook open 24/7, you will find a fridge, microwave, crockery and hob. You can also request every day:
  • Vegetable purees
  • Vegetable broths
  • Small pasta to cook
The time has come to get rid of your parents for a while and start having fun and at the Mini Club! Every day children can take part in a variety of leisure and recreational activities tailored to the time of day:
  • In the morning on the beach
  • In the afternoon on the property
  • Lunch with the animator
Mini Cocoland, a playroom for children, is always open for play at all times!
  • Soft play area
  • A babysitter is available in the room 
  • Interactive games of the latest generation
In addition, there is an outdoor play area with inflatable games & a multisport playground!
This is a peculiar age, when you are no longer a child and not yet a teenager, but you are looking for radical change! For this reason, our animators have created the Young Club:
  • An animator fully devoted to the kids
  • Activities at the beach from 10 am to 12 pm
  • Lunch with the animator
  • Activities on the property from 4 pm to 6 pm
There is also a play area for them where the kids can live out their liveliness!

The Junior Cocoland Room:
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox
  • Table football
  • Billiards
  • Ping-pong
An outdoor play area with inflatable games & a multisport playground!
Full adolescence! However, this will not stop us! For children from 15 to 18 years of age we have created special programs that vary every day, to make sure they never get bored! For them alone, the Teen Club has been created:
  • Sport tournaments
  • Team building activities
  • Lunch with the animator
  • Walks
  • DJ course
  • Be an animator for a day
The fun for the kids is not over at 6:00 pm! In the evening, the youngsters will join the animation team and perform!

A typical day at the Palace Lido

offers the right mix of relaxation and fun!

09:30 am Buongiorno Team
09:45 am Greeting the sun
10:00 am Start of the Mini Club, Young Club and Muscle Awakening: ColorRadio, GiocoSport!
11:00 am Acqua-Gym on the beach and in the pool
11:30 am Group dancing
12:00 pm Aperitif Game
12:20 pm Have a good lunch
12:40 pm Buon Appetito in the restaurant (a moment of insanity)
04:00 pm Buon pomeriggio Team!
04:00 pm Start of Seated Card Tournaments
05:00 pm Sport a GO GO - Maxi Club/Junior Club
05:30 pm Special Event (Zumba, group dances, Latin...)
06:00 pm End of the Mini Club
09:00 pm Baby Dance
09:30 pm Color Show: Entertainment, Cabaret, Musical, Evening Games, Dance Evening and Kids Evening Show
10:00 pm Dancing under the stars
11:00 pm Buonanotte Color!

Nightly entertainment

Every evening the village comes alive with themed parties, games, dances and shows organised by the animation team along with the Mini and Junior Clubs. The legendary Baby Dance is what kicks off the dances, being one of the most eagerly anticipated moments of the evening at the Palace Lido.

Foam Party

An exhilarating experience that involves not only children but also adults! A pure white foam will "swallow up" everyone and the beach of Palace Lido will turn into a white cloud!

Color Explosion

A kaleidoscope of colours, sensations and coloured dust will make your holiday at the Color Palace Lido Family Village a tremendous experience. We do not want to give away what awaits you in advance... but get ready to immerse yourself in the colours of a rainbow!

Luna Park Evening

As if by magic, every week for an entire evening the whole village is transformed into a real Luna Park! The animation team will take on the role of merry-go-rounds and jesters and the chefs will become master confectioners, ready to offer you delicious treats.

Enjoy the fun and games at the Luna Park, with chocolate fountains, mountains of fruit, colourful donuts, popcorn, candyfloss and many other goodies awaiting you!

Italia Mia

An evening with a full program to immerse you in the best of Italian and Romagna culture.
  • A traditional dinner from the Romagna: experience the best of the Romagna’s culinary tradition
  • Italia Mia Evening: a festive occasion to rediscover the most beautiful songs and dances of the Italian tradition

Color Toys and Games

Toys and games that you no longer use are worth points! Bring the toys and games that your kids no longer use to the hotel to earn points on your Color Card! We only accept complete toys and games with all the pieces and in excellent condition to allow all children to have fun thanks to you!

Accepted toys are:
  • Stuffed toys (10 bonus points)
  • Lego with packaging containing all the pieces (20 points)
  • Complete board games (20 points)
  • Books for children (5 points)
*Upon your arrival at the hotel, we will evaluate which items can be accepted and we will credit the points directly to your Color Card.

Nanny in the hotel

For the little ones, from 2 to 6 years of age, a nanny will be available in the hotel during the day.

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